Monday, August 24, 2015

Japanese Skincare SK-II BzzAgent

SK-2 Japanese Skincare:


I received these products from BzzAgent for testing purposes only.

Watch tutorial HD:

Package includes:

SK-2  Facial mask.

SK-2 Facial treatment essence.

SK-2 Essential power moisturizing cream.

All products are made in Japan.^^


Package condition:★★★★★5



Sensitive skin safety:★★★★★5



I have sensitive skin and this product didn't give me any problems or allergic reactions at all.
It left my skin fresh and moisturized. 

This product also works great if you have dry skin. The mask also helps to bright your skin complexion too. Once you place it on your skin you feel it cold and fresh , like it calms down your skin inside and out too.

It also came all wrapped up in this cute red bag.^^

Thank you BzzAgent for sending me this wonderful product! I loved it! ^^.
It's a pleasure to work with your brand as always since 2013.

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