Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to buy Small Animal Supplies on Ebay

How to buy Small Animal 

Supplies on Ebay:

  Buying small animal supplies on Ebay is simple here is how; 

1. Search on the Ebay search results what you're looking for such as  cages , toys ,fashion accessories ,  clothes , bowls , and more. 

2. Set your options on the search results to: 

*Free shipping or free store pick up. 

* Set your price budget. 

*Format: buy it now or auction. 

 For small pets like rabbits you will need the following: 

*Medium cage 

* Chew toys (0.81 cents and up) 

*Beds ( $2 and up) 

*Nail file grooming ($3 and up) 

*Flea combs ($1 and up) 

*Snacks ($5 and up) 

*Clothes ($1 and up) 

*Litter boxes ($3 and up) 

* Food ($5 and up) 

  Make sure to check the size of the product so it fits the size of your pet. Sometimes things appear bigger in photos than in real life. 

3. Make your purchase click "buy it now". 

4. Confirm your purchase with your Paypal and done!. 

  You might get a tracking code to keep track of your purchase when it arrives. 
When it's deliver you will see a green check mark saying it was deliver. 
If the purchase it's international sometimes you have to visit the website of the mail carrier such as "China Post" you have to go to the website and put the tracking code and it will show you the process. 

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