Thursday, March 3, 2016

RALPH LAUREN FALL/WINTER 2016 Hair by Guido, Redken Global Creative Director

Hair by Guido, Redken Global Creative Director:

“At Ralph Lauren there is a real sense of ease to the glamour. The clothes are super rich and the girls are beautiful. To enhance this natural beauty, I used the new Beach Envy Shampoo and Conditioner which is lightweight and creates a
great texture and leaves a slight residue due to the beachiness. I let the hair dry naturally so you end up with that clean hair look that still has really nice movement. A lot of women today don’t blow dry their hair; it’s considered super chic to have that
ease in the hair.” – Guido


1. Start with clean hair by washing with Redken’s NEW! Beach Envy Volume Shampoo and Conditioner (available in salons March 2016).

2. Lightly spray NEW! Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid wave-enhancing styler (available in
salons March 2016) to damp hair, comb through and scrunch in to infuse natural texture into

3. Using your fingers, create a clean middle part. Let hair air dry to create a natural look with
subtle movement.

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