Sunday, January 11, 2015

E.L.F. Disney Makeup Sets

E.L.F Disney Makeup Sets:

 On Walgreens I found these Disney makeup sets by E.L.F for 75% off. 

Watch video HD to see the collection up close:

Snow White Makeup brushes 5PCS Set:

Snow White makeup brushes include 4 makeup brushes and a Snow White purse.

* Foundation brush
*Eye shadow brush
* Powder brush
*Blush brush

Sleeping Beauty Makeup set Lip gloss:

Set includes 4 pcs of lip gloss:

* Red
* Purple
* Pink
* Clear

Sleeping Beauty Eye Makeup Set:

 Set Includes:

* Mascara

* Pencil eye liner

* Set of 6 eye shadows.
Colors: Purple , gold , silver , pink , brown , and black.

Here is the over look of both Sleeping beauty sets:

Quick review of sets:

Rating for all sets:★★★★★ 5



Makeup conditions: ★★★★★ 5

Tips on buying products 75% OFF:

1.Make sure the product is not broken , expired , or used.

2. Check if the product has an expiration date ( if there is one).

3.On some stores they wont allow you to return so make sure you are 100% sure you will keep the product.

4. Keep the receipt just in case , maybe the store can allow you to exchange ( not return).

5. If it's 75% off buy it right away don't wait until it's 90% off because it will be gone before it gets to 90% off.

Best time to buy 75% off:

* January 
* June

After holiday sales and during Semi annual sales in Summer.

   Stores have to clear up old season products and bring new ones in that's when you purchase 75% off and save a lot of money $$$$$$$$$$$$. =)

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