Monday, January 19, 2015

Kawaii Gift Wrapping DIY

DIY: Kawaii Gift Wrapping

 This DIY project can be used for any event such as Holiday season , Birthdays , Valentine's Day , Easter , or a just because type of gift.

 All you need is:



* Brown paper 
(or any gift type of paper but with no design 
on it).


* Tags (To and From tags).

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Wrap up your gift.

Step 2: Grab a marker a draw the kawaii face.

Step 3: Grab the tape and ribbon to make a bow and apply it to the gift.

Step 4: Add your tag and fill it out too.


 Now you have a kawaii wrapped up gift for your loves ones. It's easy to make and low budget too.


* When you go to the super market ask for brown paper bags they are FREE!.
You can cut them out and use it as a gift wrapping paper.

* When you go to certain stores they have ribbons in their bags ( Example: Victoria's Secret ). Just ask for a bag at the register and you have 2 FREE ribbons.

*When you go to bath and body works they always have a section in the register with FREE ribbons and plastic bags too. You have to ask at the register if you want one and they will give it to you for FREE.

* If none of the stores near where you live have ribbons or bags for free , you can always buy on Ebay for 83 cents + Free shipping ribbons or bags. 

 *Remember to set the price and free shipping option on Ebay and "Buy it now" button too.
Otherwise it will show you bid's , buy it now , and all other listed and it can be messy to find it.

I hope this tips and DIY project helps you save money and make cute gifts too. ^^

 This DIY project is very easy to make that's why I didn't make a video for it.

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