Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Resolutions 2015

Happy Holidays 2015!

 Happy new year 2015 I hope you all started your year in a good way.^^

 I had a good holiday season even if I'm still sick with a strong flu with fever 102 and cough. I don't have fever anymore but I still have some cough at times. 

New Year resolutions 2015:

 For 2015 I will be making a lot of changes to  my web , blogs , social media and Youtube channel.

 Last year I closed a shop from Spread Shirt .com , I transfer my beauty and fashion blog to my website to make it all in 1 place.

 Well this year 2015 I will make a schedule for my Youtube channel. I will upload 3 - 4 times a week including subscriber giveaways every Wednesday.

 I will try to update daily my website too. I will add a "freebies" tab to make it easier for you to find and share freebies with your friends too.

 I will add more polls on G+ and shout out videos for subscribers and followers that gave me shout outs =).

 Since I been sick for almost 1 month I got behind on certain videos that were supposed to upload last month such as nail tutorials , makeup tutorials , game plays and cooking videos. So I will upload all that this month instead.

  I might try to make health related videos such as diet , yoga , gym , beauty vitamins , healthy food , ectr. Also I will start uploading at some point in February Languages classes some of you ask me how I learn different languages well I will show you how I learn online for FREE!.

Plus I will teach you by giving Free classes on my channel and web a new word by day.^^!

 Quick preview of video Schedule:

Monday : Cooking videos

Wednesday: Subscriber Giveaways

Thursday: Fashion & Beauty

Saturday: Anything! 
( DIY , Game play , Crafts , ectr.) Random selection of videos.

 I will make a bucket list and post it probably this weekend or next week. 

 One of my new year resolutions are to grow my channel , adopt a rabbit , be more healthy , maybe buy a electric guitar? , be more organized which I started that one XD.

I hope you have positive new year resolutions and accomplish them this year. =)

 I know it's easier said than done , but if you never try you never know. So don't be scare to try something new or get to the goals you want.
Even if it seems impossible there is always a  way.

 This year make it a good year is up to you to take the good and let go of the bad. =)

Have a new year filled with joy , good luck , dreams , strength , health , and most important energy to keep living everyday.

Thank you for visiting!

Sincerely ,