Friday, January 23, 2015

Spehora Review

Sephora Review:

  I received some free samples at the Sephora store. Before I purchase a product I like to try it out to see if it works on my skin and if I have any allergic reaction since I have sensitive skin.

 Here are the samples:

       *Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion.

 Q.What is it?
A.This is to keep your eye shadow lasting longer.

*Boscia Tsubaki oil

 Q.What is it?
A. It's an oil for skin and hair from Japan.

* Smash box BB cream fair.
Q. What is it?
A. BB cream stands for  Blemish Balm and Blemish Base. This helps your skin glow and look radiant.

*Sarah McNamara skin transformer miracle revival mud mask.
Q.What is it?
A. It's a mud mask to clean your skin. Takes out pores and black heads too. Leaves your skin smooth and clean.


Step 1: Apply to clean dry skin leave on 15 minutes.

Step 2:Use circular motion to exfoliate.

Step 3:Then rise off with warm water.

 You can go to Sephora and get 3 samples for free if you want to try the products before you buy them to see if they work.

 It is a good idea to try before you buy just in case you have an allergic reaction or the product does not give you the results you want.

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