Friday, January 8, 2016

Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Electrofries:

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Beauty Boxes:

Full makeup beauty box:


1. Lip stick

1. Lip gloss

1. Eye shadow

2. Pencil Eyeliner

2.Nail polish

1. Nail file


Total: 10 products
ALL products are full size!

Box included with purchase!

Colors: Random

Brands: Variety American brands

Price: $30.00

Pay here:

Free shipping inside USA!

$15 International shipping.

(Why $15? due to the weight of the box and dimensions).

Tracking code provided.

Nail Box:

Nail box includes:

10 nail polish in each nail box.

Colors: Variety and random.


Wet'n' Wild , Sally Hansen , NYC.
All those brands will be mixed on the nail box.

Prize: $25.00

Pay here:

Free shipping inside USA!

Tracking code provided.

$15 International Shipping.
(Why $15? due to the weight and dimensions of the box).

Lip Box:

Lip box includes:

10 Lipsticks

Colors: Random mix of
matte, metallic, neon, pastel, 
light colors and dark colors.

If you want to see what the colors look like click here:

Brand: Wet'n'Wild


Pay here:

Free shipping inside USA!

Tracking code provided.

$10 International Shipping.

Wet'n' wild nail gift set of 8 pcs nail polish

Pay here:

FREE shipping inside USA!

$10 International shipping!

Travel size mini lip gloss 1 pc each $1.80

Pay here:

Chap stick 1 pc each $3.00

Pay here:

Beyonce Pulse Gift Set:

Includes: Perfume 30ML 1.0FL.OZ
Body milk lotion 75ML 2.5FL.OZ
Shower Cream: 75ML 2.5 FL.OZ

*Original box*

Total: 3 beauty products

Pay here:

Please Read carefully before placing your order: 

Shipping Information:

Free shipping inside US!

International Shipping depending on location please ask before purchasing.
Usually if it's a small product it will $5 shipping , if the product is bigger it might cost more.

Shipping and processing all in the same day of purchase (less than 24 hours).


No Returns , No Exchanges, No Refunds.
I'm not responsible for any loss or damage,
once you buy it it's yours 100%.

All transactions include tracking codes even if it's inside the US and international packages as well.

Paypal only.

Pay here:

The link I posted is for you to send the payment , please leave a message with the payment of the specific product you want. If I don't see a note I will contact you before shipping.

Thank you for shopping!^^