Monday, January 18, 2016

Sailor Moon Shop

Sailor Moon Shop:

*Please scroll down this post to read shipping and purchasing rules*.

Sailor Moon Brooch $5:

No bow included will cost $5
Pay here:
Quick description:

Color: Yellow
(Pink is also available please leave a note on the paypal section when you make your payment if you want yellow or pink).

Size: Medium / large
( It's pretty big for medium).

Q.Can you use it as an ornament?
A.Yes you can  if you attach a string.

Q.Can you attach to a bow?
A.With the brooch yes you can , I can include the bow but it will cost $2 it's a medium/big size bow.

Colors of bow: Red , baby blue and hot pink available please leave note when you pay.

Q. Can it be custom made?
A. Yes , you have to contact me and if you just want your name it's $1 more only.
For bow it will cost $2 more.
If you want to add more stuff (Ex: decoden) 
you have to pay more due to materials I have to order. 

Sailor Moon nails:

Pay here:

More Sailor Moon products are coming real soon! Follow my social media , Gplus to see post's right away and subscribe to my channel to see the videos of the products too.=)

Please Read carefully before placing your order: 

Purchase rules:

Payment: paypal

Leave note with payment of the products you want.

Pay here:

The link I posted is for you to send the payment , please leave a message with the payment of the specific product you want. If I don't see a note I will contact you before shipping.


USA free shipping tracking code included.
International shipping: $5 with tracking code.

Same say shipping worldwide and USA.

International Shipping depending on location please ask before purchasing.
Usually if it's a small product it will $5 shipping , if the product is bigger it might cost more.

Shipping and processing all in the same day of purchase (less than 24 hours).

No Returns, No Exchanges.
I'm not responsible for any loss or damage, once you buy it it's yours 100%☺.

Thank you for visiting!