Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jewelry Shop

Jewelry Shop:

*Scroll down the screen to see shipping and payment rules*.

Purple jewelry set:
2 bracelet and 2 rings

Price: $7.15

Pay here:

Rings on sale at gift sets post.

Green Cherry Bracelet:


Pay here:

Halloween bat and pumpkin bracelets:

Price: $2.00 each

Pay here:

Please leave note when you check out if you want bat or pumpkin design.

Ghost and bats choker necklace:

Price: $2.50 each (2 left in stock).

Pay here:

Punk Gauze Mask with spikes:

Price: $13.00


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Please Read carefully before placing your order: 

Payment: paypal
Leave note with payment of the products you want.

Pay here:

The link I posted is for you to send the payment , please leave a message with the payment of the specific product you want. If I don't see a note I will contact you before shipping.

USA free shipping tracking code included.
International shipping: $5 with tracking code.

Same say shipping worldwide and USA.

International Shipping depending on location please ask before purchasing.
Usually if it's a small product it will $5 shipping , if the product is bigger it might cost more.

Shipping and processing all in the same day of purchase (less than 24 hours).

No Returns, No Exchanges.
I'm not responsible for any loss or damage, once you buy it it's yours 100%☺.

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