Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year! New way of blogging!!

New year! New way of blogging!

     Every Monday I'll be blogging here about fashion and beauty =). 
   I love fashion! Im a fashion designer , I make and design my own clothes. This year I will show more of my fashion creations and some sketches too.

    I love beauty products! Im a makeup artist , I make makeup tutorials , reviews and hauls. I also have done some makeup sketches I will post more of that too. I will post more reviews , favorites , hauls and special videos and blog post's.

   I always had a passion for art , fashion and makeup since I was a kid =). I love what I do and I that's why I share my passion to inspire and teach others that there is more to loving what you do. =)

I been changing my blog I added all the links in the bottom to ad's on the side of the blog to make it easier to get around =D.

Also I'll be posting new polls every week as a way to interact with my readers and subscribers. You can vote anytime if you want to. =)

  Every Monday I'll be updating this blog and if you want to stay updated and get the monthly freebies right away all you have to do is follow my blogs on the right hand side in the section
 " readers google plus". Just click "follow" and that's it .^^

Thank you for visiting!