Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello Kitty Favorites

Hello kitty Favorites from the holiday season. I know the holidays are over but I wanted to share some Hello kitty ornaments , plush and more favorites I got this year =).
On the photo above Hello kitty holiday plush on sale for $2.00 =D.

Hello kitty ornament at Sanrio store came in gift bag with Sanrio goodies for $2.00.

          Hello kitty winter plush on sale $2.00 at CVS. 

You can check out more Hello kitty products at my youtube channel on this playlist:

I'm a Hello kitty collector you can find a lot of hauls of Hello kitty and other products.

Also I'm adding polls on all my blogs for you to participate if you like =). Every week I'll be changing the polls in order to connect more with my subscribers and readers.^^ 

More new features are coming in the following weeks!.

Thank you for visiting!