Friday, January 24, 2014

New year! New way of blogging!

New year! New way of blogging!

January is pretty much the month where everyone gets organized to get started on new projects.
So Im getting my 5 blogs and my only youtube channel all organized!. My shops are all organized I still gotta finish 1 but it's pretty much done.

This year I will be posting a new blog post on this blog every Thursday. This blog is more personal and I blog a little bit about everything.

This year I'll be blogging about events , travel , cooking , DIY projects , tutorials , hauls and more!.

On every blog I'll be posting polls every week to interact with my readers and subscribers too.

If you would like to stay updated to my blogs all you have to do is go to the right hand of this blog and click " follow" and you become one of my readers =).

I give monthly freebies for my readers and 2 subscriber giveaways for my subscribers on youtube.
I will be giving giveaways and freebies more often this year. If you want to participate all you have to do is subscribe and follow and stay subscribed to participate anytime =).

Thank you for visiting!