Saturday, January 25, 2014

♥ Sponsorship :KKcenterHK♥ Chinese New Year Nails

                            Sponsorship: KKcenterHK
                             Chinese new year nails!

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   They have a lot of nail stickers for less then $5.00 each. Variety of themes such as animals , flowers , holidays , celebrities , cartoons and more.

This is how the product looks like when you receive it.

Water decals stickers for nails Review ratings:

Condition of package: ★★★★★

Water decals condition: ★★★★★

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Chinese new year 2014 will be celebrated on January 30th until February 8th. The actual day is January 31st but the celebrations last 1 week or so. This year it's the year of the horse. The stickers have rabbits for Asia the rabbit is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. 

The rest of the stickers are symbols in Chinese for a good year , and fireworks for the celebrations.

Chinese new year is also celebrated in other countries in Asia , known as "Lunar new year". They follow a lunar calendar and each year they have a different animal. For example ; 2011 year of the rabbit , 2012 year of the dragon , 2013 year of the snake , and 2014 year of the horse.

If you are a Anime fan watch Fruits Basket it shows the Chinese horoscope animals and it will be a lot easier to understand. =)

For this tutorial you will need:
1. Scissor
2. Tweezer
3. Plastic container for the water
4. Water

You will also need:

Red glitter  nail polish 
Gold glitter nail polish 
Red nail polish
Clear nail polish 
White nail art marker 

Let's start with step by step instructions:

Step 1: Use red nail polish.

Step 2: Cut the nail stickers.

Step 3: Use a little water container and 

soak the sticker.Soak for 5 seconds.

Step 4: Peel off the sticker , from the paper.

Step 5: Place the sticker on the nail.

Step 6: Use clear nail polish on top. 

Repeat the same 6 steps for all the other nails.

Be very careful when you peel off the sticker.

Step 7: Use a nail art marker and write " Happy" , "2014".

 Step 8: Use clear nail polish after you 

write with the nail art marker.

Step 9: Use gold glitter nail polish to decorate the nails

Step 10: Use red glitter nail polish to decorate.

Done! Remember to use red & gold. They are traditional 

colors for Chinese new year.

Happy Chinese New year!

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