Monday, January 13, 2014

Korean Store Favorites

Korean Store Favorites:

I went to a Korean store and restaurant called Rice. The store has so many products! probably like 1,000 Asian products which is amazing!. You never finish to explore all the store and I only been there twice (。✪‿✪。). The store sells variety of products and also has kitchen tools , chopsticks , tea sets , pots and pans , and more.

Some of the products I bought so far are displayed on the photo above. I will buy more for Chinese new year ^^.


Yam Yam are snacks from Singapore they are cookies with strawberry cream and they only cost 0.99 cents. Yummy!

Vietnamese Rice paper cost $1.59 perfect for Summer rolls! yummy!

Geisha chopsticks from Japan only 0.59 cents. Amazing price!

Korean Chocolate cookie sticks for only 0.99 cents. yummy!

Korean Seaweed perfect for sushi 0.50 cents. yummy!

They also have free Korean - American newspaper. The news paper is in Korean language but the news is about what happens in the US and South Korea.

You can visit the store and restaurant here:

I will buy more products soon , and maybe try the food at the restaurant too. ^..^

Thank you for visiting!