Monday, February 23, 2015

Kawaii Hand Sanitizer

Kawaii  hand sanitizer:

  On Bath & body works I found these cute Kawaii  hand sanitizers!.

 Cupcake sweetie scent:

  It has a authentic cupcake scent like vanilla cupcakes. The color is purple but when you apply on your skin the color goes away. The print is so kawaii!.

 Hey Honeybun Scent:

 Authentic honeybun scent with yellow color. Print so kawaii! ^^.

 Donuts about you scent:

 Frosty donuts authentic scent in blue color. The print has a kawaii donuts with a heart shape and sprinkles. Yummy! ^^.

 These  Kawaii  hand sanitizers cost $1.75 each or you can purchase 5 for $5 (that's what I did).
I bought them like 2 weeks ago from the date of this web post.

(This is not a sponsor product).

 They also has Kawaii  hand sanitizer holders which are $3 - $7 and some of them light up.
I would recommend to wait until they go on sale.

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