Monday, February 9, 2015

Kawaii Harajuku Outfits OASAP

Kawaii Harajuku Outfits OASAP:







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Coupon code:
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Kawaii outfit:
 This outfit was inspired by Paris and Hello kitty!.

 The hat is hot pink it can go with any outfit that has pink , black , white and other pastel colors too.
 To finish the look I put on my blonde and pink wig. It makes the outfit more kawaii ^^.

 Used some lighting wands to make the outfit sparkle more ^^.

Harajuku Outfit:
 Bugs bunny is my favorite character from Warner Bros. company. That's why I picked the sweatshirt. 

Back side look:
  The Harajuku look is simple yet colorful. I combined red and black fabric colors. For the hair accessories I  combined the blonde wig with red extensions.

 Japanese fashion street style is about having fun , experimenting with different fashion pieces and being colorful.

 Close up of the ring:

 The ring look heavy but it's actually very light to wear. It shines a lot too =).

 Makeup look:

* Silver eye shadow.
* False eye lashes in colors black and red.
* Eye liner.

Thank you for sending me these lovely products. I loved them! ^^ .
It's a pleasure to work with your brand.

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