Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sushi Roll Bento Box Tutorial

Sushi Rolls Bento Box tutorial:

 Easy step by step tutorial showing you how to make sushi rolls and bento box too.

 Watch  video tutorial HD here:

 What are bento boxes?
  Bento boxes are Japanese lunch boxes. It can include sushi , rice , onigiri , sushi rolls , chicken , and other types of food even snacks too.

 You just need to be careful with the measurements since it may not fit everything inside.

 I used my anime HunterxHunter bento box.
I cut 1 sushi roll and made 5 sushi to place on this bento box. Due to the size of the bento box I had to cut it down.

 On my other bento box the Choco cat bento box from Sanrio it's a little bigger so the sushi rolls fit perfectly. 

 What you need to make the sushi roll:
*vegetables (2)
*Seafood ( 1 optional)

 It's the same process when you make sushi the difference is you don't cut it out. You just roll it up.
 For the sushi you need to cut them out after you are finished rolling them up. That is the difference between one and the other.

 They are very simple to make , there is only 1 difference between each process that's all. =)

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