Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Kawaii Electrofries Shop

Halloween Kawaii Products!

From my shop:

Free shipping inside US!

$5 Shipping international for nail art,
Halloween accessories $3 shipping).

Use the Ebay calculator for exact shipping pricing.

$2.50 Halloween bracelets.

Ghost necklace choker $2.50

Bat & ghost necklace choker $2.50:

Hello Kitty Kawaii Halloween Nails $13.13:

Free Kawaii bag with purchase of ANY nail art from my shop =).

Autumn products:

Autumn Kawaii set 3pcs $19.00


1 Kawaii squishy toast iphone 4 case

1 Squishy scented bread bun

1 Kawaii fall clear bag

All wrapped in a gift box ready for you to give as a gift including free name tags and bows.

Autumn clear kawaii bag $9.00

Autumn nails nailart 10pcs nails $13 + Free kawaii bag.

Autumn squishy toast iphone 4 case $10

All the products displayed on this post are handmade by me. 
If you don't have Ebay and want to make an order just contact me and you can place your order once I get your payment.

Payment first than I ship the order to you with tracking number.

I'm not responsible for any loss or damage,
once you buy it it's 100% yours =).

No Returns , No Exchanges.

On all my Ebay products I display this information as well before you make a purchase , that's why I'm again saying it here.

All international transactions have a tracking code and label from Ebay.

Happy shopping!

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