Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sailor Moon Queen Nehelenia Cosplay

Sailor Moon Queen Nehelenia Cosplay:

Things you will need for the cosplay:

*Black corset or dress.

*Black long skirt.

*White fabric.

*Purple cape or fabric if you can't find a cape.

*Half moon earrings.

*Black gloves

*Gold necklace and bracelets.

If you don't have the gold bracelets and necklace you can make them your self like I did.

Accessories DIY:

Quick tutorial of necklace and bracelets.

For that you will need:

* 3 Pieces of gold paper 

1 for the neck lace and 2 for each bracelet.

*Black or blue permanent marker.

*Tape or super glue.

Step 1: Cut out the 3 pieces of gold paper.

Step 2: Draw black or blue dots on the bottom and top of each piece.

Step 3: Use the tape or super glue to form the necklace and bracelets.

Make up you will need:

* Black eye shadow

*Eye primer


*False eyelashes 

*White and black eyeliner

*Red lipstick

For my hair I used:

Keranique shampoo & conditioner

See the review here for more details:

Watch tutorial of cosplay HD:

In the tutorial I show how to get the hair , makeup and create the accessories for the cosplay.

Remember in the Anime how Queen Nehelenia always wanted to look young?
Well here are some products that will help your skin look forever young ;).

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