Monday, October 26, 2015

Tokyo Ghoul Rize Kamishiro Halloween Cosplay YSL

Tokyo Ghoul Rize Kamishiro Halloween Cosplay YSL:

YSL Yves Saint Laurent


I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

This is how the VoxBox looks like!.
It came with black tissue paper in a black box.




It could last a little bet longer but maybe it's because of the size that you can only put on by drops. I think maybe with the bigger bottle that probably has a spray the scent would last longer.


It should be a little bigger , it's tricky to get the perfume out on this one.

Over all:★★★★★5

Tokyo Ghoul Rize Kamishiro Halloween Cosplay:

Rize Kamishiro:

Rize is a girl ghoul that feeds on human blood.
If you watch the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul she seems like a normal girl at first sitting in the cafe and reading a book. Later on when she walks back with Ken Kaneki near a train there she shows her self as the ghoul.

Technically they show her in the begging of the first episode but I couldn't tell it was her until the train scene.XD lol

Over all the anime has a lot of special effects , the intro is awesome in my opinion. If you like mystery , ghouls , and horror bloody stories then this is the anime for you =).

I would suggest that  if you get scared from seeing blood don't watch the anime.

Makeup effects:

For the makeup effects I used fake blood and red lip gloss.

To make the lips look like they just taken a bite out of someone (lol) I used red lip gloss before and after I apply the fake blood.

I also applied blood on my fingers to give more the effect of a ghoul who just ate.

  For eyes I did two types , one eyes open just using black eyeliner and false eyelashes.
The second I did for my eyes when they are closed , I used black eye shadow and red eyeliner.

I made the effect to make it look like the eyes , so even when my eyes are closed they look like they are open but in a scary way ^^ lol.

Tips and tricks for the cosplay:

◢ Use a small white fabric and tie it around your wig to make it look like the bow Rize wears.

◢ If you don't want to draw the ghoul eyes you can use contact lenses. Whatever works for you some people prefer the contact lenses others prefer to draw them. Either way works for me.

◢ If you don't have fake blood you can use red lip gloss to create the effect , or ketchup just like in the old horror movies ^^.

◢ Wear a black dress if you are doing a Rize bloody cosplay like I did. The reason why is if you get a stain it won't be seen so much as if you wear a white dress. I know Rize wears a white dress in the anime as well that's why I give this tip.

◢ Use primer to make your makeup last longer such as eye primer and lip primer.That will prevent touch up during the time you have the makeup on.

Check out my Tokyo Ghoul Juuzou Suzuya necklace! ^^ I got it on a bid and I will for sure make a cosplay of that soon too.

For the dress I used a black lolita style dress with white lace around it.

For the wig I used a dark but not too dark purple wig with a metallic effect. 

I won this wig on a bid so far I bought all of my wigs on bids ^^. I'm missing 1 green wig for my collection to be complete with the colors I like =).

I love this character from Tokyo ghoul so I made a cosplay tutorial watch it here:

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