Friday, October 23, 2015

Sailor Moon Luna Cosplay Halloween Cute Harajuku Storenvy

Sailor Moon Luna Cosplay Halloween Cute Harajuku Storenvy:



Price: $34.70

Coupon code: electrofries
Amount: 10%OFF
Never expires!
Use coupon on all 4 stores!

  Luna is the cat of Sailor moon and she is one of my favorite talking animal characters of the 90's Japanese anime.

Check out the Luna cosplay video:

The hoodie is so kawaii! it has Luna's cat ears which are adorable!.

In the back it has a cat tail!.
Also has Luna and Artemis on top of the half moon.





Easy to wear:★★★★★5



For the makeup I use;

*Purple eyeshadow

*Purple lipgloss

*Purple eyelashes

*White eyeliner

*Black eyeliner

*Gold glitter

*Purple eyeliner

You can check out my Sailor moon brooch tutorial here:

Thank you so much Cute Harajuku Storenvy for sending this lovely product!.
It's a pleasure to work with your brand.=)

Eye makeup:

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