Sunday, April 3, 2016



“The look at Miu Miu this season is as if a girl tried to create a boy’s hairstyle. It’s a little 40s or 50s, mixed with an 80s, high volume style. I combed gel into the hair so that the comb marks were visible, forming a wet appearance and a jewel texture, but a look that is still very solid. I wanted to achieve a good amount of volume on top so I applied several layers of guts 10 to the hair, set it with triple take 32 hairspray, and then let it dry naturally in the back.” – Guido


 1. Start by washing hair with Redken’s NEW! High Rise Lifting Shampoo and Conditioner. 

2. Apply several layers of Redken guts 10 volume spray foam to damp hair at hairline and to crown of head. 
3. Use a round brush to blow dry hair at front and sides, creating a clean hairline and brushing hair back and up for volume and body. Allow hair to air dry naturally in the back. Clip hair in the back to set for 15 minutes. 
4. Rub a small amount of Redken shape factor 22 sculpting cream-paste in hands and apply along hairline and to crown for shine and control. To this same section, use a wide tooth comb to push hair back and up for added volume. 
5. Spray Redken triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray along the hairline to set hair. 6. Using fingers, create an asymmetrical part in the front.

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