Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wig 101: Types of wigs

Wig 101:


Synthetic Wigs:
These are wigs made of fiber and come in an array of styles. The best part of this wig is, the hair is soft and feels just like natural hair (although it is made from synthetics).
Heat Friendly Synthetic Wigs:
Heat friendly synthetic wigs come in a new category of synthetics, the only advantage of this material is the fact that it is more fuller and you also have an option of self styling because the product is heat friendly.
Human Hair (Natural Wigs):
Natural Human Hair wigs are soft styled and made from Human Hair as the name suggests. You can choose to style it in a number of options and the key advantage of the product is that it is absolutely natural.
A Blended Wig:
This is a mixture of hair and fiber and is ideally suited to a soft blunt cut. This wig is ideally suited to people with long oval faces.
A Hair Piece:
This is a piece of synthetic hair which is used by some ladies to add volume to the top of the scalp to making it look fuller.
For People who don’t Prefer Wigs:
Now for ladies who don’t choose to try wigs and believe in trying different hair styles on their own extensions, we recommend taking good care of your hair and providing your hair with the adequate amount of nourishment which is required for it to retain nutrition and health.

I hope this quick wig guide helps!

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