Saturday, April 30, 2016

Top 23 Green hair anime girls

Top 23: Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon.

Cosplay here:

Top 22: Nelliel

Top 21: Utsutsu gatchaman crowds

Top 20: Amber darker than black.

Top 19: Tama Gintama

Top 18: Aiko Kydo Baka

Top 17: Asa shigure shuffle

Top 16: Mion sonozaki higurashi when they cry

Top 15: Tamaki Kannazuki G1 club

Top 14: Rin kohana seiyus life

Top 13: Alice Carrol aria

Top 12: Kanaria rozen maiden

Top 11: Yoko shiragami my monster secret.

Top 10: Tsuruya haruhi suzumiya

Top 9: Kotori otorashi the idol master.

Top 8:Shion sonozaki higurashi when they cry.

Top 7: Eureka seven

Top 6: Smiley pretty cure Nao midorikawa.

Top 5: Code geass's C2

Top 4: Macross frontier's super dimension Cinderella Rankalee.

Top 3: Dragon Ball Z Bulma

Top 2: Urusei Yatsura's lum

Top 1: Miriya Parino Macross Robotech.

These are the top 23 most known green hair anime girls characters.
The order is random , just to keep it organized.

You will see some of this characters on my cosplay tutorials in my YouTube channel. So far I have done 1 sailor pluto cosplay link above in the list.

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