Sunday, April 3, 2016



“We did a punky version of a top knot for Sacai this season. The look is not overly intricate and hasn’t been overthought; it’s meant to be easy, with little bits falling out. The hair helps to create this dramatic silhouette and when paired with the clothing, shoes, and the makeup, becomes quite dark and punk-like. We worked with the girls’ natural hair, using wind blown 05 to give a bit of texture before twisting a high ponytail into a top knot. With everything else going on with the overall look at the show, the hair needed to have a little bit of shape.” – Guido


1. Start with clean, dry hair and blow dry in an upward direction along the hairline. 

2. Brush the hair into a high ponytail at the top crown. Secure with an elastic. 

3. Spray Redken wind blown 05 dry finishing spray on ponytail to enhance texture.

 4. Generously spray Redken fashion work 12 versatile working spray onto a skinny comb and smooth comb over back of head. 

5. Twist ponytail into a small, messy knot at the crown of the head, working the knot into a cone-like shape. Secure in place with a pin. 

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