Saturday, July 2, 2016

Diy Smartphone Bling Case

Diy Smartphone Bling Case:


1 Plastic case for your smartphone.

Many decoden and bling.

1 Super glue.

1 Clear nail polish.
(To seal the bling better).

1 Glitter nail polish.

Where to get this materials?

The smartphone case has to fit your phone so if you have a LG G4 then you can buy an iphone 6 or samsung 4 case it would fit. LG G4 cases are complicated to buy unless you order online on Ebay that's where I got all my cases.

The smartphone case on this tutorial was from Dollar Tree , I was lucky to find 1 that fit my phone.

The decoden and bling are from Ebay.

The super glue and nail polish are  from CVS.

Total cost : $1.56

Smartphone Case: $1

Decoden Ebay bids: 36 cents.

Nail polish and super glue free with CVS extra bucks.

Video tutorial that shows step by step how to recreate this case:

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