Monday, July 25, 2016

Vbangs Betty Bangs Tutorial Redken

Vbangs and Betty bangs Tutorial:



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Video tutorial for both looks:


V bangs are bangs cut in V shape.
I used 2 hair clips and placed them as V shape ,
it guides me better to cut the bangs.

I started with Redken blow-dry pillow-proof-primer-heat-protection-spray before I blow dry.

The spray helps protect the hair from the heat of the hair blow dryer. It also leaves it more shiny too.
I also cut my hair dry , even if some hair stylist rather cut it when the hair is wet I choose to do it differently.

When the hair is dry it's easier to cut , the scissor doesn't slip away like it would happen with wet hair. You have more control and you can see the results better when it's dry.
This is just my experience , you can try with wet or dry hair.

After that apply Redken diamond  blow dry hair oil to get rid of the frizz. The scent it's really good and it's not that sticky like other hair oils.

To add volume use blow-dry pillow-proof-two-day-extender-dry-shampoo.

Use the dry shampoo at the back of the hair to build volume on top. The Redken dry shampoo comes in 2 sizes ; big size and travel size like the one I'm holding in the picture above.

Betty Bangs:

Betty bangs are short straight bangs that needs to be above the eyebrows. They are a hair style most common among pin-up girls.

Some celebrities like Katy Perry are the most known to have Betty bangs.

For this look I used 1 hair clip because I already cut the other part. If you're cutting your bangs or trimming you need 2 hair clips and place them in straight position so you cut a straight line.

You will need to trim every 2 weeks or once a month your Betty bangs since they are short type of hair bangs. 

The process of applying the Redken products is exactly the same as the Vbangs. The products help keep the hair in place , frizz free , and add lots of shine too.

Thank you Redken for the wonderful products , I loved them!.
It's an honor to work with your brand.

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