Monday, July 18, 2016

Pique tea

Pique tea

Pique Tea Review:


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Pique Tea is a Tea company based in California , they make variety of tea crystals.

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On the photo above I received 2 varieties of crystal teas.

1. Earl Grey
1. Jasmine


Packaging: 5/5 stars

Quality: 5/5 stars

Easy to use: 5/5 stars

Ratings for Earl Grey tea crystals:

Scent:5/5 stars

Quality: 5/5 stars

Taste: 4/5 stars ( a little strong for me)

It does taste good , it's just a little strong the flavor.
This tea would be perfect for mornings since it's strong it will wake you up for sure.

Jasmine tea crystals ratings:

Taste: 5/5 stars

Scent: 5/5 stars (really good!)

Quality: 5/5 stars

Out of the both flavors my favorite was the Jasmine tea crystals.

The taste in my own words is sweet , original , and soothing.

This tea is perfect for night time.

Pique tea has a unique and high quality packaging as you can see in the pictures.

Thank you Pique Tea for sending these wonderful products!

I loved them! =). It's an honor to work with your brand.

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