Monday, July 25, 2016

Celestia Ludenberg Dangan Ronpa Cosplay

Celestia Ludenberg Cosplay :

Celestia LudenBerg from Dangan Ronpa Anime


Cosplay tutorial video:

Cosplay fashion check list:

Black dress

White bow

Red tie

Red high heels

Black fish net stockings

Lace lolita style head band

Lace gloves

Silver long finger ring

Gold earrings

See this video to check out the dress and where to buy it:

Let's move on to makeup check list.

Makeup check list:

Light beige eye shadow

False eyelashes


Black Eye liner

Translucent powder



Red lipstick or lip gloss

Black nail polish

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Cosplay Cheat sheet:

To make it easier on finding products for your cosplay of Celestia Ludenberg here is a quick cheat sheet. ;)

This ring is on sale on Ebay for 80 cents!

Thank you to my sponsors ELF Cosmetics , Redken , and Kpop2 for these wonderful products! I loved them!.
It's an honor to work with all 3 brands.


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