Sunday, February 16, 2014

DIY: Anti Valentine's Day Cards & Ornaments

DIY Anti Valentine's Day card

Things you will need for this DIY project:

◢ 1 white piece of paper
◢ 1 red piece of paper
◢ Glue
◢ Scissor
◢ 1 black marker

◢ Step 1: Fold the white piece of paper in half and cut it in half as well.

◢ Step 2: Fold the red piece of paper in half and cut out a heart.

◢ Step 3: Cut the heart in half with the effect of a broken heart. To make this easier just draw a broken heart and then cut following the lines.

◢ Step 4: Glue the broken heart to the card.

◢ Step 5: Write "Happy Anti - Valentine's Day" on the out side.
On the inside write ;"Whether you hate it or love it Valentine's Day I still wish you a great day!".

There are 5 easy steps to make this card. =)
Use a red envelope or black envelope that would be even better.
I didn't have a black envelope so I had to use red . I would recommend saving the black envelopes from Halloween cards so if you decide to make Anti - Valentine's Day cards you have black envelopes for the occasion.

Here are some Anti -Valentine's Day ornaments :

All you need for this ornament is :

◢ 1 Valentine chocolate box 
◢ 1 piece of black paper
◢ 1 black nail polish
◢ stapler
◢ scissor
◢ glue
◢ white and red markers.

◢ Step 1: Cut out a black heart and draw the lines in the middle with white and red marker.

◢ Step 2: Glue the heart in the middle.

◢ Step 3: Paint the chocolate box with black nail polish around.

◢ Step 4: Add staples around and glue them. ( optional)

This can be an ornament or card is up to you how you want to use it.

Things you need :
◢ 1 piece of black paper
◢ 1 silver paper
◢ glue
◢ scissor

Cut the black broken hearts and glue them to the silver paper.
That's it! =)

These are very easy DIY there is no need to make a video. I think with this blog post it's easier to explain the projects and faster then making a video.

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