Thursday, February 6, 2014

I QUIT E-tailPR blogger network

I quit E-tail PR bloggers network:

I was with this blogger network since August 2013 until January 2014.

The reasons why I left a week ago the bloggers network are:

1. I never got paid for anything I done for the network.

2. I got accepted on Shopcade campaign , and they had no samples since September and never did.

3. The campaigns take months to approve or decline your applications.

The reasons I liked that blogger network were:

1.The costumer service was great they are nice and reply fast.

2. The application process was fast.

I expected a better experience working with that blogger network , but it was very disappointing I did not get paid or samples.

    This was my experience , if you have a better experience Im very happy for you. This is just what happen to me , other people might of had good experiences or same ones.

You can try and apply for this blogger network maybe you have better luck then I do , but keep in mind what happen to me.

Thank you for visiting!