Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Broncos Makeup

Super Bowl Broncos makeup:

Happy super bowl day! Here is a quick 40 seconds makeup tutorial for you to wear for super bowl , the celebration and tomorrow to show off your colors for the winning team.

If you are a SeaHawks fan just change the orange for the green =). May the best team win!

Here are the products I used for this tutorial:
* Wet' n' wild creamy eye shadows.
* Maybelline black eye liner.
* Fright night blue eye lashes.
* Ardell eye lashes glue.
* Claire's creamy eye shadows.
* White eye liner.
* Coral lipstick Estee Lauder.
* Foundation Revlon.
* Concealer Almay.
* Foundation powder Almay.

                              Here is the final look:

First layer : white eye shadow.
Second layer : Orange eye shadow.
Third layer: Blue eye shadow.
Four layer:  False  blue eyelashes.
Fifth layer: White eye liner.

                       False blue feather eyelashes look:

Here is the video tutorial showing you step by step in 40 seconds:

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Wishing the best for both teams!
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