Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Champions SeaHawks Makeup

Super bowl champion SeaHawks Makeup:

Congrats to the SeaHawks for winning the super bowl!
It was a great game! =D

Here are the products I used for this tutorial:

* Revlon creamy eye shadow.
* Wet 'n' Wild black eye liner.
* Ardell false eyelashes glue.
* Beauty rush green eye liner.
* Wet 'n' Wild green powder eye shadow.
* Claire's creamy eye shadow.
* Fantasy maker by Wet 'n' Wild feather eyelashes.
* Bons Bons blue lip gloss.
* Bare Escentuals Mascara.

Here is the final look:

Learn step by step how to get this look in less than 1 minute on this video tutorial:

Congrats to the SeaHawks for winning the Super Bowl! =)

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