Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sponsorship: Kpop2 Eyelashes GIRLS`GENERATION 少女時代_My oh My Makeup

Kpop2 eyelashes sponsorship!

Secret Star Girl Wonder Lash Eyelashes  for $6.99:

Video Tutorial:

Here are the false eyelashes from

The eyelashes are from South Korea , they are high quality and easy to apply. They give a natural look meaning when you wear them they look real they don't look plastic , they don't feel like plastic at all.


The eyelashes set came with 2 pairs of eyelashes. They are very easy to use and to apply.

Material: ★★★★★

Easy to apply: ★★★★★

Stays on for a long time:★★★★★

Eyelashes condition:★★★★★

Box condition:★★★★★ ( nothing damage)

GIRLS`GENERATION 少女時代_My oh My Makeup!

This tutorial it's very easy  only 4 steps to get the look of the video GIRLS`GENERATION 少女時代_My oh My. The girls in the video use a very light makeup most of the time.Such as pink lips , light pink eye shadow and natural looking false eyelashes.

The look is fresh , young  , natural and soft. #Getthelook

Also in the video tutorial I wear gold and black , because at certain parts of the video the girls wear black and gold. They had a lot of wardrobe changes and they were all so fabulous!.

Items for this tutorial:

1.Kpop2 False eyelashes ( Sponsor by:

2.Glue for false eyelashes.

3.Black liquid eyeliner.

4.Creamy eyeshadows light pink.

5.Pink Lipstick.

Only 5 products and 4 easy steps!.

This is how the eyes should look like once you are done with the makeup. It's a very fresh look and soft too.

Here are the 4 steps for this look:

Step 1: Add light pink eye shadow.

Step 2: Use black eye liner .

Tip: Start making the line from the inside all the way to the outside corner of your eyes.

Step 3: Use eyelashes glue and apply eyelashes.

Apply glue on your index finger , the gently swipe the eyelashes.

Step 4: Apply pink lipstick.

This is how the eyelashes look like when my eyes are closed.On the photo above shows how the eyelashes looks like when my eyes are open.

I highly recommend the this eyelashes , if you want to buy eyelashes from South Korea kpop2 just click here:

Kpop2 Thank you so much for this opportunity to review your wonderful product! =)

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