Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olympics Makeup Sochi 2014

Olympics Makeup Sochi 2014 Inspired:

I got inspired watching the Olympics so I decided to make a makeup tutorial. I got inspired more by the ice skaters for this makeup.

Video Tutorial:

Here are the products I used for this tutorial:
♥Silver eye shadows Cover Girl and Revlon.

♥Mascara CoverGirl

♥Lipgloss L'oreal Paris

♥Lipstick Wet 'n' Wild

♥Creamy eye shadows Claire's

♥Eye crayon with glitter 

♥Puff's compact mirror and tissues.

Final look:


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This is the Puff's kisses and cry house party!

The party pack includes:

♥15 compact mirrors
♥2 makeup bags
♥1 box of puffs tissues
♥4 packs of mini puffs tissues
♥2 small boards with markers
♥1 poster Puff's
♥1 Ceramic Flower base
♥2 Artificial white roses.
♥ 2 fake olympic medals.
Have fun watching the Olympics!(●⌒∇⌒●)
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