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♥KKcenterHK Sponsorship: Ancient Chinese Fairy Nails ♥

KKcenterHK Ancient Chinese Fairy  Nails:



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     Water decals stickers to decorate your nails are easy to use.
They look like an Oriental painting on your nails.
Let's get started with what you need for this tutorial:

Nail polish colors you will need:

* White nail polish.
* Glitter nail polish.
*Clear nail polish.

* Twizzler
* 1 small cup of water

Step 1: Use white nail polish.

Step 2: Cut out the water decal sticker.

Step 3: Soak the water decal in water for 5 seconds.

Step 4: Peel it off with the twizzler.

Step 5: Place the water decal sticker on your nail and let it stay  for 1 minute before you add the clear nail polish. This will prevent the sticker from breaking.

Step 6: Add clear nail polish.

Step 7: Add glitter nail polish on top (optional).

For the other nails I only used the white nail polish with the glitter nail polish that's only 2 steps.

Water decals stickers for nails Review ratings:

Condition of package: ★★★★★ 5

Water decals condition: ★★★★★5

Easy to use:★★★★★5

Easy to apply: ★★★★★5


Last a long time:★★★★★5   ( 2 weeks)

  Using water decals on your nails is much easier than using stickers because they last longer and they don't peel off that quickly.

   My experience with the water decals so far has been great! They last 2 weeks ( 14 days). Saves me a lot of time because I don't have to do my nails every 5 days like I do with regular stickers for nails.

  What I loved about this nails is that they look like an Oriental painting. It's a very classic look that can match with anything.

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                               Left hand:

                               Right Hand:

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   Thank you so much KKcenterHK for sending me these products. I loved it and it's a pleasure working with you =).

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