Friday, June 20, 2014


  Youtuber , blogger , artist and small business owner "Electrofries" is the name of my store and social media such as Youtube , Google plus , Twitter , Tumblr , Pinterest , Facebook , and blog. 

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   I create accessories and design fashion clothes.
You can find the accessories mostly made by me 
( expect certain hello kitty items and tech products).


I will put more products on sale each week or so.

  I created my own online business because that's my passion making art. I come from Italian family ( Potenza , Italy) and we always work hard for what we want and we put our heart and soul on what we make specially when it comes to art.

   I 'm also a Machinima/ Youtube partner and I love creating videos. I don't care how many views , comments , or likes I get , I make videos because is what I like to do. If I get paid for it or not I would still make videos because it's an outlet where I express my art and hopefully inspire you and teach you something new with my tutorials. 

  I make variety of videos for everyone to enjoy around the world .

  My videos are in 5 languages;
English , Italian , Chinese , Japanese , and Korean. I will add more languages soon to make my videos for a more wider audience. 

  That's why I have "everything in one type of channel". Meaning a lot of different type of videos all in 1 channel.

  I don't want anyone to feel left out that's why I make videos of different cultures , languages and I will continue to do so.

 There is a big world out there and I'm not going to limit everything to 1 language. I want my content to be for all the world to enjoy.

 There  are no mountains , no oceans , or limits when it comes to creating art. 

Topics you can find on my videos and blog post's:

1. Beauty
2. Fashion
3. Video games
4.Travel & events
5. Hauls
7. D.I.Y ( crafts)
8. Technology
10. Reviews
17.Drawings & paintings
18.Subscriber giveaways

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  You don't need to have a Youtube account to subscribe , just by having Gmail or any Google service you can also subscribe and receive notifications of my videos and events on my Youtube channel.

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Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!