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Self Tanning Mousse ♥ Beautisol Sponsorship ♥

Beautisol Self Tanning Mousse :


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  Summer is here and a lot of you want to get a tan. The safe and instant way of getting a tan is using self tanning mousse.

What makes it so different?

 ♥ It's an odor eliminating fragrance technology , so no yucky odors while your tan is developing.

♥ It has color correcting pigments that prevents orange and yellow hues.

♥  By using the easy application mitt protects your palms from stains. It's streak free application.

 The product is also paraben free , propylene glycol free , cruelty free meaning is not tested on animals. 

Review Ratings:

Package condition:★★★★★ 5

Bottle condition:★★★★★ 5

Scent free:★★★★★ 5

Color results:★★★★★ 5

Self tanning Mousse condition inside:★★★★★ 5

Effective:★★★★★ 5

Results:★★★★★ 5

Things you need to tan:

 ✿ Scrub ( Beautisol Ex scrub me? Exfoliant ).

✿ Sponge

✿ Body lotion

 ✿  Self Tanning Mousse ( Beautisol).

How to tan step by step:

Step 1: Prepare the skin by shaving  12 hours before you tan.

Step 2: Exfoliate , scrub your skin. 

Step 3: Apply body lotion. This will help the tan to be more even and consistent.

Step 4: Tan! Wash your hands before you tan and remember you can use a hand mitt so you don't stain your palms.


 ✿ Avoid Deodorant , perfume , or essential oils during application.

 ✿ Do a test patch 24 -48 hours in advance.

 ✿ Wax 24 hours before and shave 12 hours before.

 ✿ Self tan before bedtime that way the color can develop over night. 


                              1 Hour after the application.

                      7 Hours after application (Final result):



                              1 Hour after application:

                  7 Hours after application ( Final Results):

After application tips:

 ✿ Avoid wearing tight jeans , socks , leggings , light colored suede , silk or any other dry clean only fabrics while your tan is developing. We recommend loose fitting clothing.

 ✿ Pat dry after you shower to help avoid the tan from coming off.

 ✿ After you apply the tan avoid water for at least 6 -8 hours that way the tan can develop better on your skin.

 ✿ Exfoliate about 3 days after you tan. Exfoliating away dead skin cells will help the tan color fade more evenly. Feel free to re apply the self tanner as needed.

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