Monday, June 9, 2014

Spider-Man Nails Revlon

Spider-Man Nails:
    Revlon has released Spider Man nail polish inspired by the movie ; "The amazing spiderman 2".
They come in various colors and they are all metallic.

Video tutorial:

Learn how to get the spider-Man nails in 35 seconds video tutorial! .

The nail tutorial is very easy you only need 3 nail polish colors and 2 nail art markers.

✪Blue nail polish.
✪ Red Nail polish.
✪ Clear nail polish.
✪ Black nail art marker.
✪ White nail art marker.
✪ Nail art brushes (optional).

For the left hand I did all the same print. 

Step 1: Use blue nail polish.

Step 2: Draw a spider web with white nail art marker.

Step 3: Use clear nail polish on top and let it dry.

For the right hand I mixed the colors and prints. I did spider webs and spider man mask.

Step 1: Use blue and red nail polish on certain nails.

Step 2: Use white nail art marker to make spider webs on the blue nails.

Step 3: Use black nail art nail marker on red nails make spider webs and on 1 or 2 nail make spider man mask.

Step 4: For spider man mask you will need to make the eyes with white nail art marker or use nail brush to make it with more detail.

Step 5: Use clear nail polish and let it dry.


That's how the display of the Revlon Spider man 2 nail polish looks like.

Here is the video of Spider man drawing / painting tutorial if you want to learn how to do it:

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