Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Subscriber Giveaways

Subscriber Giveaways:

Section 1: Online prizes.
Section 2: Mail prizes.
Section 3: Kawaii Shout outs for subscribers.

   Every Wednesday every week. I host subscriber giveaways some are online , others by mail. I rarely host personal giveaways meaning I give the prize to the winner in person such as goodie bags.

  The subscriber giveaways are open worldwide to everyone. All you have to do is subscribe to my channel and stay subscribed. If you unsubscribe you can NOT participate on subscriber giveaways anymore.

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Section 1: Online prizes

   Online subscriber giveaways are prizes online such as free music , coupon codes , Kawaii origami templates , channel art , branding intros.

Here are some online subscriber giveaways:

Free music:

Kawaii  Origami subscriber giveaways:

Vouchers to shop online subscriber giveaway:

Channel art:

Branding Intros:

The order of the subscriber giveaway online video is like this:

1. Prize of the online subscriber giveaway ( photo of the prize such as origami or channel art).

2. Winners are mentioned on an annotation like this:



Is that easy =).

   Here you will find all the subscriber giveaways I been hosting more than 100 subscriber giveaways and counting:


Section 2: Mail prizes

   Mail subscriber giveaways:

Mail subscriber giveaways are prizes sent by US mail to subscribers. It can be national or international depending on the promotion if it's only valid in the US.

Here are some mail subscriber giveaways:

Graphic tee for men:
For men:


Nail Art:

Redbook magazine 1 year free subscription:

Sponsor subscriber giveaways:

  Sponsor subscriber giveaways are giveaways sponsored by a brand. For example OASAP is a fashion brand that sponsors some of my subscriber giveaways. They make the rules of the giveaway and I have to host it.

   The winner has be mentioned on a separate video.On the other subscriber giveaways I mention the winners on the same video.

Due to the rules of the sponsor sub giveaway I have to do it on a  separate video.

Section 3: Kawaii Shout outs!

  Kawaii shout outs are cute shout outs given to my subscribers. I will mention 2 - 5 subscribers in 1 kawaii shout out video.

Watch HD:

On each thumbnail you see who are the people I gave a shout out to (example):

Watch HD:

Section 4: Kawaii Mail!

Kawaii mail are videos where I open mail I got from friends/subscribers/followers , or people who sent me something by mail.=)

Watch HD:

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