Monday, June 30, 2014

♥June Favorites♥

Here are my favorite products for the month 
of June!

* Suave tropical coconut conditioner.
* Sanrio character PEZ candy.
*Revlon eye shadows diamond dust collection.
*Dove hair spray holder.
* Disney snow white chap stick.
*L'oreal fucsia lipstick.
* Essence of Beauty citrus coconut perfume.
*L.A color lipgloss.
* Essence of beauty apple flavor lip gloss jar.
* Heart key necklace from Ebay.

  Sanrio PEZ candy was on sale at CVS it was $5
 I paid $1 due to a sale they were having at that moment.

 I choose some coconut products for this month due to Summer season. I think coconut or any fruity scent is perfect for Summer =).

   On the photo above I display the heart key necklace I got on Ebay for only 0.99 cents Free shipping & handling too! =D

Want to get it too? here is the link:

Ebay store:

Check out the video of my June favorites too see my favorite social media people of the month ^^ :

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