Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to buy a electric guitar on Ebay

How to buy a electric guitar on Ebay:

First make sure you buy a electric guitar in new condition and if you decide to buy an electric guitar in used condition make sure it includes everything and it's in good condition and works!. 

To buy a electric guitar go to search tab and apply the following in the ; 
*Free shipping 

*Your budget 

*Buy it now or bid option. 

 For the shipping you can also pick the option to pick up at store too. 

  When you buy an electric guitar you will an amplifier , the right cable cords to hook it up to the amplifier and a guitar pick too. Guitar picks can be bought on Ebay for 0.89 cents + free shipping. Amplifiers cable cords usually cost $2 and up + free shipping on Ebay. Amplifiers usually cost $40 and up depending if it's used or new condition. 
Electric guitars usually cost $48 and up. 

 Make sure to also buy a guitar stand they usually cost $10 and up , check the size of the guitar to match the guitar stand size. Also buy a guitar case to carry your guitar on the go. To be sure you're getting a good deal on Ebay check out other guitar stores and compare the prices. You can find guitars on Ebay for less on Ebay auctions (bids) just be sure it's new and check the details before bidding.

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