Monday, June 15, 2015

How To buy video games on Ebay


How to buy video games on Ebay:

 First you need to know what type of game 
console you have if it's Xbox , PS4 , Wii , ectr. Once you know what type of console you have you start looking on the search results on Ebay. 

 If you are on budget make sure to go to more refinements and set the following: 

*Price ( $ ) 

*Shipping ( free) 

*Format ( buy it now or auctions) 

*Condition ( recommended NEW) 

    I recommend buying the video game in new condition , some people sell their old video games sometimes in pretty bad conditions that you wont be able to use it or it's scratched at some parts too. I know that some sellers do sell used video games in good conditions too but is a risk you're taking by buying a used video game. 

If you want to buy a used video game I recommend buying it at a game store instead of online and always make sure to ask them to let you try the video game before buying it. Some stores offer that if the game is in used condition. You can also buy used consoles as well but also make sure you try it at the store before you purchase. 

On Ebay you can find games at low as $6 you just have to look around and compare prices. Also set your search results to show you : Price + shipping lowest first.  

On bids you might find video games as low as 0.01 cent , but you have to be the first and only bidder to get it that price.  

On Ebay you will also find sellers who sell game codes for online gaming , be very careful with that type of transaction if the code does not work contact the seller. 
If the seller does not reply you can contact Ebay to get your money back if they find that your case is legit allow 48 - 72 hours to receive a reply from Ebay. 

If you need part for your game console you can also find it on Ebay , again buy it in NEW condition to prevent problems.

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