Saturday, June 13, 2015

How To Buy Video Gaming Merchandise on Ebay

  How to buy video gaming  merchandise on Ebay:

First know what merchandise you want such as; key chains , cards , bracelets , plushies , clothes , ectr. There is even Nail art stickers if you want your nails with a video game theme such as Mario. 

Here is how to look for video gaming 

merchandise on Ebay: 

1. Go to search results. 

2. Write what video game merchandise 

you're looking for (see examples above). 

3. Be specific on the name of the character , 

video game , and product too. 

4. Set a budget ( price $). 

5.Set "Free shipping" option. 

6. Buy it now or Auction (depends on what you want). 

7. Condition New or used (recommended NEW). 

  You will find a lot of collectors products 

such as cards , toy collection figures , plush 

toys , hats , clothes , necklaces , ectr. A lot of 

collectors sell video game magazines from 

Japan , t-shirts , collectors memorabilia , 

limited edition merchandise. A lot of the 

stuff can cost $100 but if you look closely 

you can find things as low as $4 in certain 


 If it;s something that will cost you more 

than $50 and they say it's "Collectors 

edition" , make sure to ask for a 

"Authenticity Certificate" or a " Collectors 

Certificate". It's always included with the 

collectors legit products to be sure it's not 

fake or stolen. 

Specially if you pay good money you 

deserve to have the legit merchandise. 

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