Monday, June 1, 2015

Youtube Tag + Q's & A's

Youtube Tag:

Tagged by: Jessica

Here we go! ^^

1) What city would you want the show to be filmed in?

Tokyo, Japan or Seoul, South Korea.
Either one would be a dream come true!
If it has to be in the United States then  would pick New York City.

2) Which 7 people would live in the house with you and why?

Really nice person easy to talk to, sweet,generous  and has carisma.

Very friendly ,cute personality,  sweet , has carisma.

Very nice person , honest , and out going.

Smart girl , very friendly , carisma , talented .
Friendly, nice , cute personality, out going.

Very nice person , friendly , sweet and talented!.

Why? They are all nice =).

3) Who would you share a room with?

I think a room for girls and one for guys would be the right thing to do.

4) What would be the theme of the show?: 

d) a little bit of everything

5) Which person you would end up in a relationship together?
I'm too shy to answer this one so that would be.....
    something for me to know and for you to find out ;D.

6) Who would be enemies?
None of them , I love them all ^^.

7) What would be the biggest problem or argument in the house?
Probably bathroom time XD lol.

8) If there was a celebrity guest star, who would it be?
Ruki or TOP or G-dragon OMG! I would pass out if that really happen XD lol ,or any Kpop , Jrock , Jpop star ^^.

Top & G-dragon on the background.
Ruki - The gazettE

Did you see the muscles on Tae Yang here?

My reaction to the gif above:

9) After the show is finished, who would be your BFF?
 All of them , I try to treat everyone equally with kindness and respect.=)

  Thank you Jessica for tagging me on your video ^^! I answered your question on the Kawaii shoutouts and the rest here to make it easier and organized ;).

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