Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween makeup: Spider Black Widow

Halloween makeup:

Every year on the month of October I made Halloween tutorials about makeup , crafts , costumes and decorations. I will make more Halloween makeup tutorials and cosplay tutorials too. To get you ready for Halloween or any costume party you have to go anytime of the year.

Here is the tutorial:

Dressing up is fun! you can be anything you want and have fun with it =)

Here is what I used for this tutorial:

* Black lipstick - Fantasy makers
* Pencil eyeliner - Wet 'n' wild
*Black makeup cream - Fantasy makers
* Black eye shadow - Revlon
* Fake eyelashes glue - Ardell
* Fake eyelashes - Fantasy  makers
* Stencil kit - Fantasy makers.
* Eye shadow kit - Tero
* Creamy eye shadow - Tero
* Lipgloss - Glazewear ( metallic lilac mist)

Fantasy Makers Hauntingly hip : Vampiress kit

Includes 3 stencils , 1 pencil eyeliner , and 1 set of creamy eye shadows. $5.99 at CVS 

Fantasy makers fake eyelashes - Entangled 
Self adhesive eyelashes $4.99 at CVS
*Tip*: Handle the eyelashes with care.


                                            Spider stencils: Easy to use and effective too.

                                          Mask stencil: Be very careful when you peel it off.

Spider web stencil: This stencil was hard to use , you have to peel it off very carefully otherwise it can break. If it does happen you can put it back together by sticking each piece on the other side of the stencil. ( The sticky side of the stencil). 

 Also the directions are not that clear on the kit box , so be very careful when you peel off and apply each stencil specially the mask and the spider web ones. The easy one is the spider stencil and I had no problems with that one.

The Fantasy maker kit comes with 6 different creamy eyeshadows. For this tutorial you only need to use the black color creamy eyeshadow.

I hope you all had wicked fun creating this look! It can take you 1 hour because of the stencils that's what takes a little longer to do.

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