Thursday, October 10, 2013

My makeup sketches


My Makeup Sketches

Geisha look:

I'm a makeup artist and I love drawing makeup sketches and re creating the looks based on what I draw and what inspires me. On the sketch below it's based on a Geisha makeup look inspired by Japanese culture.

Fall look:
This look is inspired by the fall season with the colors of light brown , gold , and darker brown.
Fall is my favorite season and it inspires me on makeup , clothes , decor and its the season when my creativity goes up.

French maid look:

This look is inspired by my french maid costume , this makeup look would match the costume. When I made this makeup sketch I had in mind the classic Paris look , that fresh and sexy timeless look that you would see in Paris.

Vampire look:

This look was inspire by vampires , Halloween and wicked looks. Last year my Halloween costume was a wicked vampire nurse. The makeup looked similar to this sketch and I did use fangs too.
The costume was black , red and white with black stockings and a blonde wig.

Harajuku look:

Harajuku is a fashion style in Japan , they are very colorful so this sketch was inspired by the colors I see when I look at Harajuku fashion videos and photos. Bright lips , colorful eye shadow and a pink blush.

Fairy tale look:

This look is inspired by fairy tales! this look is soft the eyeshadow is light blue , the lips are pink or peach color , and blush is pink.

Black widow spider look:

This look is perfect for Halloween! it's inspired by the black widow spider and wicked looks. Spider webs , fake eyelashes with spiders , smokey eyes and black lips.

Winter wonderland:

This look is inspired by the holiday season and winter time. Blue and silver eye shadows , frosty effect fake eye lashes ,and blue lips. 

I will make makeup and cosplay tutorials on these looks between this month and December.

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