Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Freebies

October freebie!

Each month I will be posting a freebie on my blog. This month since it's Halloween coming up I will post Halloween related freebies. The freebies are printable and I will also post discount codes for you to use online specially for the holiday season that is coming soon.

I will still do subscriber giveaways every Wednesday on my youtube channel and the monthly freebie on my blog too. For Halloween Im planning to do another giveaway + freebie on my blog.
For the holidays I will have more then 1 subscriber giveaway each week I might have 12 days like I done last year but with more themes and more freebies for my blog too.

Get your freebie on!
Here are the freebies for you:

                                                          Halloween printable tags:

Hello kitty printable candy box (made by me)

I hope you like the freebies you can copy and paste the image and print them on your computer.
Tip: Set your printer to quick print option to spend less ink and make sure to click print preview before you start printing them too.

 Rilakkuma Halloween subscriber giveaway online:

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