Friday, October 18, 2013

♥Sponsorship♥ Eyelashes review eyelashes:

  Kpop2 is a company from South Korea they sell lens and eyelashes just like the ones you see on the kpop music videos!.They have more then 200 color lens on sale.

Product on sale here:

Let's get started with the review!

Kpop2 Eyelashes:

The eyelashes set came with 2 pairs of eyelashes. They are very easy to use and to apply.

Material: ★★★★★ 5

Easy to apply: ★★★★★5

Stays on for a long time:★★★★★5

Eyelashes condition:★★★★★5

Box condition:★★★★★ 5( nothing damage)

     The Pack has double eyelashes for top and bottom and makes your eyes look bigger , brighter , and vibrant.

Here is the video tutorial How to apply eyelashes step by step:

How to apply eyelashes:

Step 1: Add false eyelashes glue to your index finger.

Step 2: Add the false eyelashes glue to the eyelashes.

Step 3: Apply to your eyelids.

Step 4: Wait at least 10 seconds to let it dry.


Now you have long and gorgeous eyelashes that makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.

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To purchase Kpop eyelashes from South Korea.

Thank you for the sponsorship! I loved the products and working with your company! =)

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